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Select Actuarial Services-Commitment to Quality

Select’s actuarial team and service quality are among the best available. We can play a critical role in helping you control your organization’s cost of risk and, ultimately, achieve your risk management and business objectives.

SAS believes in establishing an ongoing dialogue with our clients and providing a level of service over and above the printed contents of our actuarial analysis. For example, we often issue draft reports for our client’s review and questions prior to issuing a final report. This encourages interaction about the results and, in addition, reduces the impact of unexpected results. We consider personal presentation of the assumptions behind our analysis and the resulting conclusions to be an integral part of our services. Whenever possible, we visit with you prior to issuing our final report to ensure that we have properly understood all aspects of your program, and reflected them correctly in our analysis.

Similarly, we consider it part of our job to explain what factors may be driving historical loss development and, where appropriate, to advise you on what types of data should be captured to assist with future analysis.

The result of this partnership approach, we have found, is a flexible, productive client relationship where actuarial services do not operate in a vacuum, but rather are an integral part of the risk management process.

SAS consultants are conscientious about communicating and explaining the results of our actuarial analysis in a straightforward, non-technical manner. We take the time to discuss the individual exhibits and conclusions of our reports and follow up to answer additional questions if needed, even if that means traveling at a moment’s notice. Just as important, the written reports and exhibits that accompany our analysis provide important information and context about the results.

We are not satisfied with our own service until you fully understand our analysis and have obtained all of the additional information and assistance you need to make informed decisions.

We understand that actuarial analysis no matter how valuable or needed can represent a major expense to your organization. Our goal is to provide you with actuarial services that are comprehensive and of the highest quality, yet affordable.

SAS’ service is focused on measurable results and continuous improvement. Internal peer review is a regular part of our service, to ensure that our analysis meets both our internal standards and those of the American Academy of Actuaries for documentation, disclosure, and data quality.

To learn more our full range of actuarial services, please call us at (615) 269-4469.

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