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We provide analyses for casualty lines of coverage including workers compensation, general liability, products liability, automobile liability, professional liability and many others.

Among the actuarial services we offer are:

Loss Reserve Analysis >

Set and achieve an appropriate level of reserves, whether you are an insurer, self-insured or use a large deductible or other loss-sensitive plan. Our typical reserve evaluation provides a central estimate of our client’s ultimate and outstanding losses.
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Risk Retention Analysis >

Helpful for determining the optimal level of risk for your organization, whether you are self-insured, a captive, or a risk retention group. We will help assess advantages and disadvantages of different levels of risk retention.
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Loss Forecast >

A loss forecast study can help your organization plan for future costs and assist in evaluating alternative retentions or limits. To begin, a client’s own historical losses are analyzed and used to project the future experience.
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Surplus/Capital Adequacy Analysis >

All entities that retain (or assume) risk are exposed to financial uncertainty regarding the future outcomes of these risks. In order to protect itself from adverse events that may occur, a company should hold capital that is commensurate with its level of risk appetite.
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Captive Insurance Services >

Is a captive the next step in your risk management evolution? Select’s captive feasibility studies are tailored to helping you evaluate the pros and cons of this strategic decision.
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Other Services >

Select Actuarial Services can also help you with a myriad of other services specifically designed to address your particular situation. Today’s market demands a company that can provide agile solutions to a dynamic, and sometimes unpredictable environment.
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To learn more our full range of actuarial services, please call us at (615) 269-4469.

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