Captive Insurance Services

Is a captive the next step in your risk management evolution?

Select’s captive feasibility studies are tailored to helping you evaluate the pros and cons of this strategic decision. All captives are “feasible” given the right combination of capital, limits and premiums, but not all captives meet the needs of their owners. We work with you to identify the risks inherent in your business plan and to pinpoint your critical make or break decision points. We then ensure that those scenarios are reflected in pro formas that let you evaluate whether to go forward or not. Once you’ve reached the conclusion to proceed, our feasibility studies are readily accepted by captive domiciles because they reflect the real risks likely to be faced by the new entity.

Select’s ongoing services to captives and their owners include loss reserve evaluations and accompanying regulatory opinions, loss forecasting and assistance with premium setting, and capital adequacy analyses. Strong captive managers use actuarial services for far more than regulatory compliance: as partners in business planning, rate setting and evaluation of alternative program structures, Select’s actuaries help to ensure that your captive balances risk taking with prudence over the long term.

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