Other Services

Select Actuarial Services can also help you with a myriad of other services specifically designed to address your particular situation.

Today’s market demands a company that can provide agile solutions to a dynamic, and sometimes unpredictable environment.

These services include:
  • Allocations studies – Assistance with allocating premium and/or reserves to members, departments, divisions, units, etc. Allocation program can be loss based, exposure based, or a blend. Let us help you design the program that works for your organization.
  • Pool and trust fund evaluations – Complete suite of actuarial services to help you manage your pool or trust fund. Reserve analysis, premium and rate studies, surplus analysis, dividend calculations, deductible analysis, and retention analysis.
  • Rate filings – We will help support your company with preparation and submission of rate filings, whether for traditional commercial insurers or captives.
  • Collateral disputes – Having difficulty getting your excess carrier or fronting company to reduce collateral requirements? Actuarial analyses from independent actuarial firms such as ours often help you break through the stalemate.
  • Mergers and acquisitions due diligence – We will help you evaluate the liabilities your company is assuming. Or help you prepare for a sale of your company to another.
  • Benchmarking studies – How do you compare to the insurance marketplace? How do you compare to others in your industry?
  • Professional Liability / Medical Malpractice – We have the special expertise when it comes to actuarial services for Professional Liability programs, whether you have a high deductible, are self-insured, have a captive, or are a traditional insurance company.
  • Regulatory reviews and assistance – We assist state regulators with rate filing reviews, insurance company and captive reviews, evaluations of companies in receivership, reviews of self-insured’s collateral, etc.
  • Self-insured workers compensation filings – We will help take care of state required actuarial filings for states for which you are self insured for your workers compensation exposures, including the latest filing requirements in California and New York.
  • Expert witness testimony and litigation support – Whether in litigation or arbitration proceedings, regulatory hearings, or mergers and acquisitions, sometimes you need an expert to testify on your behalf. We have the consulting actuaries with the experience and communication skills that you need to aid you in those situations.

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